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Birmingham Escorts are the best!

Birmingham Escorts are the best!

Have you ever found yourself in Birmingham at a loss as to what to do with your time?

You could go for a meal and a few drinks but where is the fun in that if you are doing it alone, perhaps you don’t have time to meet a girl for company and this is the case for many business minded men and women these days. We have the answer to your prayers in the form of hot Birmingham Escorts and we can categorically say that Birmingham Escorts are the hottest in the West Midlands area. No matter if you are located just outside of the Birmingham area we would highly recommend only going for escorts in the Birmingham area as they are truly gorgeous and in a league of their own! Beauty, brains and sex appeal are the top three assets you are guaranteed to find when booking time with any Birmingham escort, the best combination any guy could ask for right?

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If you are visiting Birmingham and want a stunning Birmingham escort to keep you company you can find plenty of awesome Birmingham escorts working all hours of the day and night. There are many independent Birmingham escorts covering the area and all are just as sexy as each other, there are also lots of Birmingham Escorts agencies operating twenty four hours a day and seven days a week offering all manner of services and with all kinds of categories and experiences. All you need to do is type Birmingham escorts into your internet search bar and you will come face to face with the mountains of gorgeous Birmingham Escorts in both male and female form.  The escort services in Birmingham are said to be second to none and that is due to the calibre of escorts in the Birmingham area as well as the awesome escort services you can choose from.

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You could try the GFE service in Birmingham where a stunning Birmingham escort would meet you and really get to know you on a personal level allowing you to build a rapport and adding a little magic to your Birmingham Escort experience.

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Being an Escort – Boners and Bonuses!

We all love being spoiled and having gifts given to us as well as being gifted with cash what could be better?

We have spoken to various UK Birmingham Escorts so find out what their clients have gifted them in the past from the most lavish gifts right up to the strangest gifts ever received and we had a blast talking to them!

Escorts Wallpaper

One Birmingham based escort we spoke to told us one of her clients had purchased her a car, not just any car we might add, but a Mercedes A Class – She Said ‘ I wouldn’t have asked for a car – perhaps it came up in conversation that i liked that model and this prompted him to buy it for me – I didn’t say no! – what an amazing gift!’ She added ‘I had only been working as a Birmingham Escort for a few months when this happened – It made my mind up that i had done the right thing with this career move’

Another lady we spoke to told us she has been given a handbag worth £7k! ‘When i arrived at his locations he opened the door and instead of me seeing him on the other side – he held out a bag which said ‘Armani’ on it – I took the bag and looked inside and couldn’t believe my eyes ‘’you are the best Birmingham Escort I have ever had the pleasure of meeting’’ he said – I was very grateful i must say’

We spoke to ‘Coco’ – A hot bodied Birmingham escort who we know for her lavish taste and expensive looking wardrobe. Coco said she gets gifts on a regular basis as most of her clients know she enjoys them and want to treat 

her like a princess, Coco was delighted when one of her regular customers had asked to meet her at a local Birmingham hotel and arrived with a small carrier on his arm which contained a tiny little pug puppy!

Coco said’ i screamed with delight,  I have worked as a Birmingham Escort for just under 3 years now and can say this was the best present i have ever had from a client – Poochie is so cute!’

Another Birmingham escort we spoke to has just started work for Passion VIP Birmingham Escorts. Monica said: ‘ Although I don’t ever ask for gifts i have been lucky enough to have some generous clients within my first few weeks of working as an escort in Birmingham – I have had flowers, Chocolates and Jewelry given to me and even had a necklace and earring set presented to me by one client last week – some people really enjoy making their escort smile and this is how it should always be in my opinion!’

Another Birmingham Escort told us she had lots of things purchased for her over the years but the most memorable was this ‘I had been in and out of awful jobs for a number of years and had a friend who worked as Birmingham Escort and she kept telling me to join up, Although I am a very shy person naturally i really enjoyed the work as it gave me the flexibility to carry on with my nail extension hobby i had been into for a while, I told one of my regular clients about my interest in this and the next time we met he purchased me an entire kit for nail extensions which i know cost well over a grand as i have seen it advertised before! I was so grateful he had taken the time to listen to my interests and even more e had taken the time to go and get this kit for me – how nice of him’

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Sex Toy Company unveils its largest member – A 12-foot, 4-inch dildo!

And you thought Mr Trump was the biggest dick in the USA?!

OK, OK so it’s not a usable item – it is in fact a promotional marketing ploy but we think its pretty ballsy!

The CEO of Pipedream Products – Nick Orlandino is from Florida and has owned the company for a number of years now. He had the idea of creating this giant falice in order to promote his very successful business and the new range of King Cock products. The King Cock collection has now reached an all time hurdle, now having sold over 5 million units online, all over the globe and every item if made in Pipedream’s US state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The giant cock has been on tour and had returned from the eroFame Show in Hannover in Feb 2017 before being driven around europe where it can be seen being towed around by a large truck – there are social media posts all over the globe from people who cannot believe the sight of it in ‘person’ – I guess a 12-foot cock can be quite intimidating to be honest! Nick said he thought it would be a success but never thought people would find it as entertaining as they have reported. It’s been snapped all over social media in europe as it makes its way round on the King Cock Tour! We think this is a pretty inventive way to get some promo for your business – even if it does mean driving around Europe with a huge cock on your truck for months,. It will be interesting to see what PIpedreams Nick Orlandino do for the next advertising campaign!

Manufactured using only the best materials phthalate free, latex-free, hypoallergenic PVC the King Cock collection is the most realistic cock available on the market and it set to be a best-seller!

Pipeline products also sell a line of Ultimate Fantasy Dolls in the extreme toyz section where you can select our prefered doll, hair colour, eye colour, breast size and even a new thing called ‘Fanta Flesh’ which is the most realistic  close to flesh product out there at the moment – the options are unbelievable – it depends how much you would be willing to pay?

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Weird Requests – Memory Lane

We spoke to various different escorts and asked if they would share their stories with us.

We didn’t want just any stories though, we wanted the stories that would make you say ‘What the Fuck!’

So here are some first hand experiences of escorts working in the adult industry:

Maximum Capacity

24 year old Chantelle told us ‘One regular client I had asked me to insert a small butt plug into his rectum before i left him at the end of our bi-weekly hotel meet. He was adamant he wanted me to insert it and that I was to call him every few hours during our time apart to ensure he still had it ‘in’

He was only allowed to take out to use the toilet and to go to sleep – I loved the power this gave me!’

Testicle Slapping

29 year old Lydia spoke about her client who enjoyed shouting out ‘Mother’ whilst she slapped his testicles over and over again, I found this pretty weird, Weirder than someone wanting to be probed while shouting Daddy which I have also had the pleasure of experiencing before now’

Open Wide

31 year old Veronica said that she had a client who wanted he to spit into his mouth whilst telling him how much of a vile human being he was – this is is not uncommon to be honest but he used to say he hadn’t had a drink all afternoon as he knew he had our meeting coming up! – sometimes you just shouldn’t ask


Steph aged 24 told us of one of her clients who had met her with a bag of clothes and a photo of his ex wife. He asked me to dress up like his ex wife as best as i could. We met 5 times and on the 5th time we had sex – he thanks me and then left and i have not seen him since – perhaps he just needed that 1 last goodbye?’

Bugging you much?

Louisa aged 34 told us about a guy who had brought an entire box of cockroaches for her to squish whilst wearing stiletto heels. ‘He actually brought a box of the bugs with him for me to squish in my 6 inch stilettos!

He didn’t even touch himself in any way – he just watched me squish the poor things. He obviously got turned on by watching me be some kind of sexy bug exterminator but it was the easiest cash i have ever earned’

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Most paid Escort now runs her own business

We managed to get an exclusive slot to speak to a very special lady who told us all about her journey from being one of the most paid escorts to running her own successful escort company brimming with girls with the hottest bodies you can find!

Mia Kavinsky Image 1

Ruby started out in this industry with no experience and not knowing what to expect – she soon made a name her herself by getting regular clients, a large fan base and it all took off from there – Ruby said she has never looked back.

Ruby told us that she used to do some modelling for a company who creates and sells raunchy HD wallpaper in the web, Ruby Said :

Hot Girl Wallpaper has been very popular since the age of the desktop PC and as guys want new and exciting photos to look at you can actually make a decent living from selling your images for this purpose. I’ve done loads of photoshoots for HD wallpaper collectors ranging from Hot Anime Girl Wallpaper, All Miss World Wallpaper and even Hollywood’s Hottest Heroines – I really enjoyed the themes as it means I get to dress up and fantasies and roleplay – how fun is that? I actually in the top ranking for ‘Girls With The Hottest Bodies 2018’ this year which as a lovely thing to be told – who doesn’t want to be told they’re hot, it’s a real confidence booster!

We are very happy to have had some time with Ruby to talk about her past experiences – we are planning on catching up with her soon with a Q&A round so if you have any questions for her please get in touch for next time we are with her!

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