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Most paid Escort now runs her own business

We managed to get an exclusive slot to speak to a very special lady who told us all about her journey from being one of the most paid escorts to running her own successful escort company brimming with girls with the hottest bodies you can find!

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Ruby started out in this industry with no experience and not knowing what to expect – she soon made a name her herself by getting regular clients, a large fan base and it all took off from there – Ruby said she has never looked back.

Ruby told us that she used to do some modelling for a company who creates and sells raunchy HD wallpaper in the web, Ruby Said :

Hot Girl Wallpaper has been very popular since the age of the desktop PC and as guys want new and exciting photos to look at you can actually make a decent living from selling your images for this purpose. I’ve done loads of photoshoots for HD wallpaper collectors ranging from Hot Anime Girl Wallpaper, All Miss World Wallpaper and even Hollywood’s Hottest Heroines – I really enjoyed the themes as it means I get to dress up and fantasies and roleplay – how fun is that? I actually in the top ranking for ‘Girls With The Hottest Bodies 2018’ this year which as a lovely thing to be told – who doesn’t want to be told they’re hot, it’s a real confidence booster!

We are very happy to have had some time with Ruby to talk about her past experiences – we are planning on catching up with her soon with a Q&A round so if you have any questions for her please get in touch for next time we are with her!

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