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Being an Escort – Boners and Bonuses!

We all love being spoiled and having gifts given to us as well as being gifted with cash what could be better?

We have spoken to various UK Birmingham Escorts so find out what their clients have gifted them in the past from the most lavish gifts right up to the strangest gifts ever received and we had a blast talking to them!

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One Birmingham based escort we spoke to told us one of her clients had purchased her a car, not just any car we might add, but a Mercedes A Class – She Said ‘ I wouldn’t have asked for a car – perhaps it came up in conversation that i liked that model and this prompted him to buy it for me – I didn’t say no! – what an amazing gift!’ She added ‘I had only been working as a Birmingham Escort for a few months when this happened – It made my mind up that i had done the right thing with this career move’

Another lady we spoke to told us she has been given a handbag worth £7k! ‘When i arrived at his locations he opened the door and instead of me seeing him on the other side – he held out a bag which said ‘Armani’ on it – I took the bag and looked inside and couldn’t believe my eyes ‘’you are the best Birmingham Escort I have ever had the pleasure of meeting’’ he said – I was very grateful i must say’

We spoke to ‘Coco’ – A hot bodied Birmingham escort who we know for her lavish taste and expensive looking wardrobe. Coco said she gets gifts on a regular basis as most of her clients know she enjoys them and want to treat 

her like a princess, Coco was delighted when one of her regular customers had asked to meet her at a local Birmingham hotel and arrived with a small carrier on his arm which contained a tiny little pug puppy!

Coco said’ i screamed with delight,  I have worked as a Birmingham Escort for just under 3 years now and can say this was the best present i have ever had from a client – Poochie is so cute!’

Another Birmingham escort we spoke to has just started work for Passion VIP Birmingham Escorts. Monica said: ‘ Although I don’t ever ask for gifts i have been lucky enough to have some generous clients within my first few weeks of working as an escort in Birmingham – I have had flowers, Chocolates and Jewelry given to me and even had a necklace and earring set presented to me by one client last week – some people really enjoy making their escort smile and this is how it should always be in my opinion!’

Another Birmingham Escort told us she had lots of things purchased for her over the years but the most memorable was this ‘I had been in and out of awful jobs for a number of years and had a friend who worked as Birmingham Escort and she kept telling me to join up, Although I am a very shy person naturally i really enjoyed the work as it gave me the flexibility to carry on with my nail extension hobby i had been into for a while, I told one of my regular clients about my interest in this and the next time we met he purchased me an entire kit for nail extensions which i know cost well over a grand as i have seen it advertised before! I was so grateful he had taken the time to listen to my interests and even more e had taken the time to go and get this kit for me – how nice of him’

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