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Weird Requests – Memory Lane

We spoke to various different escorts and asked if they would share their stories with us.

We didn’t want just any stories though, we wanted the stories that would make you say ‘What the Fuck!’

So here are some first hand experiences of escorts working in the adult industry:


Maximum Capacity

24 year old Chantelle told us ‘One regular client I had asked me to insert a small butt plug into his rectum before i left him at the end of our bi-weekly hotel meet. He was adamant he wanted me to insert it and that I was to call him every few hours during our time apart to ensure he still had it ‘in’

He was only allowed to take out to use the toilet and to go to sleep – I loved the power this gave me!’


Testicle Slapping

29 year old Lydia spoke about her client who enjoyed shouting out ‘Mother’ whilst she slapped his testicles over and over again, I found this pretty weird, Weirder than someone wanting to be probed while shouting Daddy which I have also had the pleasure of experiencing before now’


Open Wide

31 year old Veronica said that she had a client who wanted he to spit into his mouth whilst telling him how much of a vile human being he was – this is is not uncommon to be honest but he used to say he hadn’t had a drink all afternoon as he knew he had our meeting coming up! – sometimes you just shouldn’t ask



Steph aged 24 told us of one of her clients who had met her with a bag of clothes and a photo of his ex wife. He asked me to dress up like his ex wife as best as i could. We met 5 times and on the 5th time we had sex – he thanks me and then left and i have not seen him since – perhaps he just needed that 1 last goodbye?’


Bugging you much?

Louisa aged 34 told us about a guy who had brought an entire box of cockroaches for her to squish whilst wearing stiletto heels. ‘He actually brought a box of the bugs with him for me to squish in my 6 inch stilettos!

He didn’t even touch himself in any way – he just watched me squish the poor things. He obviously got turned on by watching me be some kind of sexy bug exterminator but it was the easiest cash i have ever earned’

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